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Business Consultant: Cyndi Seidler

A company has various needs when it comes to being consulted about improving their business. Cyndi’s services encompass a vast amount of specialties aimed to help make a business run better, with cross-over skills that fit any business needs.

Business Organization Consulting

Cyndi is known to put order into people’s spaces and life by transforming cluttered, overwhelming spaces into stress-free, aesthetic environments.

Her methods turn disorder into order – from managing paper flow, implementing a workable filing system, establishing the flow of work or anything that improves  organization within a company.

Some offices and staff have clutter, and this is a sign of disorganization which can lead to any number of problems for a company. It is important (actually vital) to handle these type of situations as fast as possible.

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Business Management Consulting

A business often needs specialized services to take care of projects that staff are not allocated or trained to do. Here are services provided to help a company with their special needs:

Special Projects

This can include just about anything such as: business or product development projects, new product launch, new business start-up, new pilot programs

Paper management

Mmanage your papers using customized paper-flow systems that allow you to control paper, establishing organizing solutions to manage your paper more effectively and efficiently.

Filing systems

Utilizing a proven subject classification system, it is easy for anyone to store and find documents easily.

Storage systems

Not every filing cabinet is the same and, depending on your needs, may require planning to determine what your space allocations and space restrictions are in order to better establish a system that provides fast and easy document retrieval.

Business systems

Integrated enterprise solutions help support effective, dependable communications resulting in business systems that help increase efficiency and productivity!

Document Management

Implement DM solutions that align with retention scheduling policies, federal and state codes so you can easily store, track, and retrieve documents within an enterprise!

Information Management

Establish and set up integrated systems that help manage the company’s information using strategies that include physical and electronic media to manage information and the flow of knowledge across the enterprise.

Time Management

Develop time management strategies and techniques that produce effective results to achieving your goals.

Task Management

Use systems and techniques that help you manage your tasks and projects with customized strategies which help you record, track and carry out your tasks and projects effectively and efficiently.

Project Management

As a Project Manager, get the help you need to manage projects from planning and development to final completion of the project.

Work Management

Manage work so that it doesn’t manage you using integrated time management, task management, project management, and paper management systems and techniques.

Staff training

Get your staff trained in any of the work and management systems implemented in your company, and also train new or existing staff to become more competent on their jobs.

Policies & Procedures

Generate Policies & Procedures manuals (handbooks) that include the official and company rules and regulations that govern the company.

Organizing Charts

Create company organizing charts that show either job positions or post functions, or both which clearly shows how each division and department of an organization relate to each other!

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Marketing & PR

Improve your brand, your traffic and sales to your business and/or website using proven marketing and PR strategies that get results. With tailored marketing campaigns, a company can achieve their goals and leave an imprint of excellence.

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Creative Development

Give your company a lift with a new website design, a promotional video, new brochures or newsletter, or anything that will improve your brand.

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Helping you to …

  • Increase productivity 
  • Improve efficiency 
  • Shape up time management 
  • Enhance work flow 
  • Refine and re-define filing systems 
  • Boost work performance 
  • Develop paper flow system 
  • Organize office spaces 
  • Create better storage systems 
  • Cultivate enterprise solutions 
  • Sharpen project management 
  • Skyrocket sales 
  • Shape up organization structure 
  • Control tasks 
  • Customize policies & procedures 
  • Optimize service quality 
  • Step up product development 
  • Pilot special programs 
  • Maximize results



Hourly rate: $85/hr

By Project: $75/hr

*Monthly Contract Rate: $3200/mo

*Monthly rate based on 80 hours/mo

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